Act 185: You will be spared... / by Steve Hart

Shaconage185Spared - Edited.jpg

Timpoochee found himself cold and uncomfortable, chilled from what he witnessed, unable to do anything to stop it; unable to stop the vision itself.

He knew the Nunnehi warriors were good. He knew they were saving the peaceful town which had been attacked and, yet, he also knew the carnage he witnessed to be wrong, vile. He knew it seemed necessary. But it also seemed needless.

He watched as the warriors of the Immortals continued to attack and chase those previously the aggressors up the mountains, up the ravines, up the creeks.

The offending force tried to hide behind rocks and trees and in crevasses but the Nunnehi arrows and hatchets found their way around those obstacles, flying as if on their own.

Once up and over the highest ridge which separates the valleys of Long Man from the valleys of Tahkeeostee, the rout stopped in its tracks. The Nunnehi stopped fighting and chasing.

A small band of the invading warriors stood surrounded but alive.

“You will be spared,” said the Nunnehi leader to the surrounded and cowering fighters.

“You will return to your people. Tell them what you saw here. Tell them how you were spared. Tell them how you were spared to return to them with this simple message:

“Only death comes from attacking innocent and peaceful people.”

The Nunnehi leader then looked up, stared directly at Timpoochee and he knew in his soul what he must do.

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