Act 13: Their number increasing... / by Steve Hart

“Not in many seasons have we seen them,” Yufala explained to his younger son. “But I’ve heard stories of their number increasing and of them venturing closer.

“Sometimes they can be friendly and generous. Sometimes they bring death.”

The people formed a procession behind Yufala and marched through the chungke yard and past the council house to the river landing.

The small town was not unaccustomed to visitors, usually people from other towns but is was not a central gathering place for Tsalagi, the fire people, as they referred to themselves.

Runners from Iroquois cousins to the north or Creek cousins to the south brought news of white men and their increasing numbers.

Tsalagi had, of course, visited other regions and knew - somehow deep in their hearts - the paradise of Shaconage would eventually lure the white people if they continued to grow their presence in the world.

The white people had already subsumed much of the northern mountains and coast of Tsalagi relatives. They seemed to often want to wage war over land, even among themselves.

The large boat move up Long Man and into view of the town’s landing.  

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