Act 59: More confused than ever... / by Steve Hart

ShaconageAct59Fear - Edited.jpg

Timpoochee contemplated all he had witnessed in the short time since the moon last appeared as he quietly slipped back to his father’s canoe and stretched out.

The spirit meaning of his vision seemed clear. The spirit meaning of the snake and rabbit confused him following Old Hunter’s visit.

He found himself more confused than ever. He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep again.


Timpoochee awoke some time later and realized the sun was high in the sky. His father’s canoe was once again gliding effortlessly along Long Man. Yufala and the rest of the flotilla continued the course toward the Yonega settlement.

He said nothing as he sat up, looked at his father who in return smiled warmly but also said nothing.

Timpoochee looked around him and realized Long Man had grown wider, smoother. The tall peaks and hemlock forests had been replaced by sloping, rounded hills, pine groves and meadows of flowers.

A great blue bird of slow wing, knasgowa, took flight ahead of the flotilla. Timpoochee knew those graceful creatures hold some mystical power and realized they received it from the slow, rolling land and river in which he found himself.

The whole scene gave Timpoochee a strange peace for a moment. But his heart was soon telling him something different. It held the fear that some evil was working somewhere, something over which he had no control.

No, he thought to himself. It’s only the unfamiliar surroundings, legend this land holds, the nearing presence of Yonega.

No harm can come to me. I know too much of the Medicine already. I can protect myself.

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