Act 11: It is not of us... / by Steve Hart

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“Look!” Cornstalk shouted and jabbed a finger into the air in the direction of the commotion.

The harsh glare of the river was broken by a large, dark object moving slowly up the river.

Timpoochee gasped.

Peering through the glare he saw the huge darkness reaching up toward the sky. Thunder tore through the water.

“It is not of us!” Timpoochee yelled. “It is not of Long Man!”

Cornstalk reached for his bow and instinctively squared up to fight.

“Wait!” shouted Timpoochee. “Wait...we don’t know what this could mean. It’s bigger than both of us and will kill us. We must run, quickly, back to Duweuwewanidatsi to warn him!”

Snatching what fish they could the boys scrambled back toward town, to their father.

Jumping rocks and ferns, roots and fallen trees they darted between low hanging branches. The forest floor, covered with pine needles and moss-covered stones, gave the boys a quiet track onto which they pounded feet in their haste.

Small rodents and reptiles darted out of their way, surprised as well by the river’s commotion and the bounding humans.

“Quickly!” Timpoochee shouted. “I think it’s gaining on us!”

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