Act 16: Filled with treasure... / by Steve Hart

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“I have heard of these people,” responded Yufala to Chekilli’s greeting.  

Most of Yufala’s towns people put away their bows and galuyasdi.

“You are welcome. Just as Long Man connects all water so shall the blood of my people be connected to your blood in friendship.”

“Thank you, Laha,” Chekilli said, turning and gesturing toward the white men.

“May I introduce Capt. John Wills of HMS Weymouth, commander of the Third Battery of of Royal Artillery. He has come from their settlement very far away, in their town called Pensacola at Amequohi.”

The captain was dress in a rich blue coat decorated with medals and spangled with brass buttons and bright, shiny attachments. Timpoochee could barely behold his glint in the sun.

“And may I also introduce the Right Reverend Paul Winfield, Rector of the Church of England.”

A dour, solemn looking man, dressed in all black, the priest extended his hand to Yufala as was the custom of Yonega and retreated immediately as if frightened by the gentle leader.

“Yours is beautiful, magnificent territory,” Capt. Wills said to Yufala and waited for Chekilli to interpret.

He did not extend his hand to Yufala as had the grim man in black.

“I’m quite sure it is filled with much treasure.”

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