Indigenous People

Act 3: Something isn't right... by Steve Hart

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Timpochee’s image on the water surface moved as he moved, opened its mouth as he opened his.

With a start, another image appeared. That of his brother, Cornstalk, who had been fishing only a few hands upstream.

“Why are you watching me?” whispered Cornstalk. "Am I doing something wrong?”

“You don’t seem concerned the fish seem to be moving upstream faster than usual,” Timpoochee said.

“I didn’t notice,” answered Cornstalk. “But, then, I’m not as quick as Timpoochee.”

“Quiet,” said Timpochee. “This is no time for a fight. Something is not right here.”

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Act 4: You're imagining... by Steve Hart

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"You are imagining things again, brother." 

"I am imagining nothing," Timpooche retorted, briskly. "This is no time to pretend. I am fearful, Cornstalk. Not in the same way as when suli flies overhead but everything on the water and in the trees cries of some danger." 

A wood duck fishing near the edge of the stream suddenly took flight maybe 30 hands from the boys. It appeared as if the water was holding it, would not let it go. 

"Look, Cornstalk!" whispered an agitated Timpoochee as he pointed to a stone-shaped object rising only slightly above the surface of the water. 

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Act 7: The special one... by Steve Hart

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“It was not my fault, Cornstalk,” replied the defensive Timpoochee. “Elaqua was coming right at me. I had no choice but to let go of the net and fish.”

“You are a very quick thinker, Timpoochee. Maybe you can use that talent at meal to explain why we have fewer fish and one less net.”

“Did you not see the snake? It swam without wings or fins. Do you not know what that means? Would you have just waited for Elaqua to put his fangs into you? Sometimes I wonder why you have not already passed to the lower world in all your thoughtless ways.”

Goosebumps popped up on Timpoochee’s arms. Fear and anger.

“I am the special one,” replied the defiant Cornstalk. “I am the one over whom Unetlanvhi watches. I am the eldest son of Duweuwewanidatsi. The one chosen to lead one day. As long as my heart remains pure I will be protected.”

Cornstalk stood up, gathering his net, expanding his skinny chest as a way of boasting.

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